Beauty awards for your business

Let’s talk about entering beauty awards!
So over the years we’ve entered (and won!) many beauty awards.
I tell everyone I know, staff, students, those in the business, anyone in any business, to enter as many awards as possible. Why?
1. Clients come to us because we win awards- new clients confirm it’s us when they book in, current clients congratulate us.
2. Students come to us- award winning staff, salon and training providers- why would you not train with us?!
3. We can put it all over social media!- more posts = more potential clients or students
4. We add it to our signatures on our emails- so everyone that emails us knows! (This list is getting long- how do I condense it?)
5. We get to go to beauty award ceremonies! Ok some are online and some are far, but we still get to go to them!
6. The most important- reflection- it’s a great tool to reflect on your business and journey. You get to answer questions some won’t ask you. Your whys, reasons, evaluations on your and your business. Some are tough, some easy but it’s all about reflection and growth.
What’s the best beauty awards you have entered or won? ⬇️

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