Find out how we have changed two peoples lives….

This month, we have asked a few of our hair or beauty students to answer some questions on how their training has changed their lives. Some work for themselves, some work for a salon, some even work from home around another job! See how this career can work for you and around your family and career.

Poonam Seth- Hair and Beauty NVQ 2016-2018



Devonne Greenslade – Instagram @hairupbydevonne

What training did you complete? Hair up course

When did you complete your training? 2018

Why did you want to have a career in hair? I have always had an interest in hair since I was a little girl and it is something that I enjoy.

Where do you work now? at home around my current job

What has training in hair done for you? Training has helped me build confidence and learn a lot of new styles.

What training will you be doing in the future? I will look to do refresher hair up courses as there are always new hair styles to learn.


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