Why enter business awards?

Have you ever thought about entering local awards or even industry specific awards?
There are so many awards for the hair and beauty industry, as well as local awards supporting small businesses. Having been a finalist over 20 awards  and winners for 7, for various categories such as lifetime, achievement, award, small business of the year award, massage, therapist of the year, and much more, I have firsthand knowledge on entering awards through to providing additional evidence and the glamorous award night.
What can they do for me?
Entering awards can do so many great things for your business. It can demonstrate your talent, improve your credibility, raise brand awareness locally, and on social media, enhance your business is reputation and attract new clients.
Top tips for entering awards;
Review speak for themselves so make sure your website is up-to-date full of reviews. This will be one of the main ways that award judges look at your reputation.
Be current-make sure your social media is up-to-date and current with consistent posting. This will prove judges that you are proactive up to date and updating your client regularly.
Do your research-look at other businesses that have won in the past what do they do that stands out for you and that you can apply to your business.
And lastly, be natural-your entry, writing your answers be as natural as you possibly can completely telling the truth and the full story of you and your business
We have entered the local Havering Business Awards 2022/23
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