Work home life balance.

Close your eyes and imagine….. 

You wake up, drop the kids off at school and head back home. No trains, travel or childcare arrangements. You put the kettle on, set up two cups, one  tea for you and one coffee for your client. 

After putting the washing out and another household chore that can be ticked off the list, your ring doorbell goes. Your first client of the day. 

She comes in, thrilled you’ve got her a drink ready. She’s ready to unwind, excited that her hair will finally be done for her holiday. 

You take her to your hair area in your own home. After a quick matter catch up, you start your consultation. Finding out what colour she would like, styled, finished, her choice of products to be used on her long flowing locks. 

Now it’s time for you to express your creative flare.

You’ve always dreamt of this moment, working for yourself. Clients from home, in your own home, working around your children, earning whilst a ticking of your chores? How could it possibly be.

Creating the ultimate Work home life balance isn’t easy, but worth it.

Fast forward a year, you now have 3 clients a day. A full head highlights cut and blow dry, your clients mum blow dry while her colours on, and a cut and blow dry before the school run. You’ve earned £145 in a day! 

After dinner and putting the kids to bed you allocate one night a week to work out your earnings and one night to work on your marketing. 

A week could bring you an additional £725. Minus your costs approx 40% of the service you could take home £500 per week. All whilst working around YOU!

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Is it your time to train in hairdressing? Could this be your future? Does this fit in with you? If so, book your free career chat with Katie our director on 01708472727 to see how we can help you. 

Its time for the ultimate Work home life balance.

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