A Guide to setting up your Hair or Beauty Business E-Book

New book launch to help your new business.

Let me help you set up a hair or beauty business today!

Once you have completed your training, its finally time to take the plunge and start your hair or beauty business. You may already be trained and in business, but ready to take it to the next level as your main source of income, either way this e-book is for you.

Work Less > Earn More

Training students from all different backgrounds has made me see there are so many of you that have different strengths and weaknesses to business. I get asked so many questions about setting up, the pros and cons, rules and regulations and ins and outs of different areas to the industry.

I’ve put together a book on how to set up a hair and beauty business. It contains all information on starting up, through to marketing, reviews, pricing, money and accounts. Work your way through at your own pace. 

The download will be sent to your inbox, get started straight away!

Priced at £30 its a great investment to your business along with a  handy guide to always refer back to in the future.

Id like a free career chat worth £50

Amelia said ‘ This book is a great read for anyone starting out in the Hair or Beauty industry. Katie covers all the key areas to get you started. Katie has several years experience and it radiates from the book. A really useful go to guide for anyone needing some help to get started.’ Amelia was looking to set up a beauty business, as a result the book helped her plan and grow!

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