Professional Beauty Awards 2023

Oh, what a night! We’ve just arrived back from the Professional Beauty Awards 2023, held at The Brewery, Barbican, London. 

How did I get to go?

 A frequent colleague of mine, Sarah was up for an award for educator of the year. Sarah has been in the industry for a really long time and we have worked together over the years. If you’ve been in our centre, you would know her from being an IQA , EQA and frequent team meetings. 

Sarah works for STC group, who are training provider in Havering for many industries and funded horses. Sarah’s nomination for educator of the year was for this company, so the team came along with her who I got to meet for the first time.

The awards!

 After having my hair blow dried, doing my make up and my husband driving me into London on a Sunday evening at 6 pm, we all met at a local bar, before heading over to the event at 7:30 pm for welcome drinks. All the guests were dressed their best and being in the industry, you can imagine the standard of hair and beauty professionals. 

 There was a goodie bag on the table, which consisted of Elemis procollagen marine cream rose. You can imagine how quickly I tried this out Monday morning. 

The event organisers scheduled our starter as bowl food which was given out with the welcome drinks. We had a salmon salad and Prosecco. After a while of networking, we were escorted down to the event room which was huge and decorated amazingly. This really is the crème de la crème of award nights. Our main was served and being vegetarian, I had a winter squash with veg. It was really nice followed by a lemon-based cheesecake for dessert. After eating and drinking plenty of wine at the table, the award ceremony started.

Why enter awards?

 There was so many prestigious people presenting awards and speeches as well as many salons and teams winning awards. The atmosphere was lively and it was so nice to see many teams getting together and be extremely excited to be nominated.

 After coffee and mints, we headed down to the dance floor area, which, after getting a drink at the bar, we started to have a little boogie. I was so pleased to be invited, I had a really great time. I met some influential people for the first time along with some friendly faces. 

As a business owner, I highly recommend you enter awards, just to get an experience of the evening and recognition.


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